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Basque edit

Pronunciation edit

  • (file)

Noun edit


  1. allative singular of aho

Spanish edit

Alternative forms edit

  • agora (obsolete or dialectal)

Etymology edit

Inherited from Old Spanish agora, from Latin hāc hōrā (at this time).

According to Coromines and Pascual, the original form agora was, from the early modern period, increasingly left to both high and low registers, in favour of the phonetically reduced ahora. Francisco de Quevedo in the early 17th century mocks agora in his Cuento de Cuentos as a "rustic vulgarity", although the term continued to be used by archaizing poets into the 19th century, and it continues to survive to this day in various non-prestigious dialects. As for ahora, there is a very rare early attestation (spelled aora) in Juan Ruiz in the early 14th century, but the term doesn't enter common written usage until the 16th century with writers like Cervantes and Góngora, side-by-side the older agora. Compare Portuguese agora.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /aˈoɾa/ [aˈo.ɾa]
  • Audio (Colombia):(file)
  • Rhymes: -oɾa
  • Syllabification: a‧ho‧ra

Adverb edit


  1. now (at the present time)
    Synonyms: (colloquial) ahorita, ya
  2. just now, just a moment ago (in the past)
    Synonyms: hace un momento, (colloquial) ahorita
  3. very soon, in a moment (in the future)
    Synonyms: (colloquial) ahorita, ya
  4. (usually preceded by de) of nowadays, of today, latter-day
    Synonym: hoy
    La juventud de ahora entiende esto y más.
    Today's youth understands this and more.
  5. (Latin America) today
    Synonyms: hoy, hoy en día
    Ahora me levanté temprano y con ánimo.
    Today I woke up early and full of energy.
    Te veré ahora en la noche.
    I'll see you later today in the evening.
  6. however, on the other hand
    Synonym: sin embargo
    Te quiero mucho. Ahora eso no quiere decir que haré lo que digas.
    I love you. However, that doesn't mean I'll do what(ever) you say.
  7. (correlative, literary) sometimes...other times
    Ahora dice una cosa, ahora dice lo contrario.
    She sometimes says one thing, and then other times she says the opposite.

Derived terms edit

Conjunction edit

ahora ... ahora ...

  1. (correlative, literary), whether...or...
    Synonym: ora ... ora ...
    Ahora en la sala, ahora en el comedor, había un desastre por doquier.
    Whether you looked at the kitchen, or the dining room, there was a disaster everywhere.

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