Derived from the verb augt (to grow, to increase) (q.v.). Cognates include Lithuanian aukštas, Old Prussian *aukt(a)s, Latin augustus (noble, high), auctus (increased).[1]




augsts (def. augstais, comp. augstāks, sup. visaugstākais; irreg. adv. augsti, augstu)

  1. high, tall (having a relatively large distance from top to bottom)
    augsts kalns, koks‎ ― high mountain, tree
    augsts krasts‎ ― high coast
    augsta piere‎ ― high forehead
    kurpes ar augstiem papēžiem‎ ― shoes with high heels
  2. having a specified height
    tā ir trīsdesmit metrus augsta klints‎ ― that is a 35-meter high cliff
  3. far above the horizon
    saule ceļas augstā, plašā lokā‎ ― the sun rises in a high, wide arc
  4. large, significant, above normal levels in quantity or quality
    augsta raža‎ ― high yield, large harvest
    augsta cena‎ ― high price
    piens ar augstu tauku procentu‎ ― milk with high fat percentage
    augsts asins spiediens‎ ― high blood pressure
    augsta temperatūra‎ ― high temperature
    augsts spriegums‎ ― high tension, voltage
  5. high quality, excellent
    augsts sasniegums‎ ― high achievement
    augsta kultūra‎ ― high culture
    augstas kvalitātes produkcija — high-quality production, output
  6. high (person with an important office, function, or position)
    augsts viesis‎ ― high (= important) guest
    augsts ierēdnis‎ ― high official, dignitary
    iecelt augstā amatā‎ ― to appoint (someone) to high office
  7. very important, bringing honor, having great value or deep meaning
    augsts uzdevums‎ ― important task, high duty
    augsts gods‎ ― great honor
    augsts mērķis‎ ― high goals
    augsta atzinība‎ ― high praise
  8. solemn, elevated
    runāt augstā stilā‎ ― to speak in high style
  9. (of voice) having high frequency
    augsta balss‎ ― high voice
    augsts tenors‎ ― high tenor
    augstos toņos‎ ― in high tones



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