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From augsts (high) +‎ -ums.




augstums m (1st declension)

  1. (chiefly in the singular) height, altitude (the quality of being high; the measure of how high something is)
    absolūtais augstumsaltitude (lit. absolute height)
    kalna augstums ir 700 metrus virs jūras līmeņathe height of the mountain is 700 meters above sea level
    lidmašīna lidoja 10 tūkstoš metru augstumāthe airplane is flying at an altitude of 10 thousand meters
  2. (geometry) perpendicular length from the base to the top (vertex) of a geometric figure
    cilindra, konusa, trīsstūra augstumsthe height of a cylinder, cone, triangle
  3. (chiefly in the plural) heights (very high place)
    debesu augstumos riņķo vanagsthe hawk flies in cirlces in the heights of the sky
  4. (figuratively, chiefly plural) heights (high social or professional situation, position)
    noraudzīties no saviem augstumiemto watch from one's heights (= high position)
    nolaisties no saviem augstumiemto descend from one's heights (= high position)
    slavas augstumithe heights of glory
  5. (of sounds) pitch (property of sounds that depends on the number of oscillationss per unit time of a vibrating body; perceived frequency)
    vienāda augstuma notis, skaņasnotes, sounds with the same pitch