From chi- +‎ im-


chim- (before consonants chi-, class III second-person singular)

  1. the indirect object of an active transitive verb
    to you, for you, to thee, for thee
  2. the subject of an intransitive affective verb
    you, thou
  3. the direct object of a small set of transitive verbs mostly dealing with affect, communication and intimacy
    you, thee
  4. indicates possession of a noun
    your, thy


person markers class I class II class III class N imperative
+s +C +V +C/i +a/o +C +V +C +V +C +V
first-person singular initial -li sa- si- a- am- ak- n/a
medial -sa- -sam-
paucal ī- il- pi- pi- pim- kī- kil-
plural hapi- hapi- hapim-
second-person singular is- ish- chi- chi- chim- chik-
plural has- hash- hachi- hachi- hachim- hachik- ho- oh-
third-person i- im- ik-