Alternative formsEdit


has- (except before s hash-, class I second-person plural)

  1. the subject of an active transitive verb
    you, ye
  2. the subject of an intransitive active verb
    you, ye
  3. the subject of a negative imperative verb
    Hosakopōlih! → Hassakopōlinna!
    Bite me! → Don't bite me!


person markers class I class II class III class N imperative
+s +C +V +C/i +a/o +C +V +C +V +C +V
first-person singular initial -li sa- si- a- am- ak- n/a
medial -sa- -sam-
paucal ī- il- pi- pi- pim- kī- kil-
plural hapi- hapi- hapim-
second-person singular is- ish- chi- chi- chim- chik-
plural has- hash- hachi- hachi- hachim- hachik- ho- oh-
third-person i- im- ik-