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Chickasaw edit

Prefix edit

ish- (class I second-person singular)

  1. The subject of an active verb.
    you, thou
    You are eating.
  2. The subject of a negative imperative verb.
    Hilha! → Ishhilhanna!
    Dance! → Don't dance!

Preverb edit


  1. Alternative form of isht- (with, about) preverb before a consonant.

Choctaw edit

Prefix edit

ish- (before s is-, class I second-person singular)

  1. the subject of an active transitive verb
    you, thou
  2. the subject of an intransitive active verb
    you, thou
  3. the subject of a negative imperative verb
    Kopōlih! → Ishkopōlinna!
    Bite it! → Don't bite it!

Inflection edit