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  • (have sex): cojer (Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina)


From Latin colligere, present active infinitive of colligō (I collect, I gather). Cognate to Portuguese colher. Compare also the borrowed doublet colegir. Cognate with English cull and coil. Compare English collect as well.



coger (first-person singular present cojo, first-person singular preterite cogí, past participle cogido)

  1. (Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain) to take, catch, hold, to get, to seize
    Synonyms: agarrarse, tomar, prender, asir
  2. to pick, harvest
    Synonyms: cosechar, recolectar
  3. to fish
    Synonyms: pescar, atrapar
  4. to seize, arrest; to overtake
    Synonyms: atrapar, aprehender, capturar
  5. to get (a joke)
  6. (Spain) to imitate, learn
  7. (vulgar, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Central America) to have sex, to fuck, to bang
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:joder
  8. (Spain) to choose (a direction, route, when driving or walking)
    Synonyms: manejar, conducir, irse
  9. (Spain) to turn to (when driving or walking)
    Synonym: dar vuelta
  10. (Spain) to board (means of transportation)
    Tengo que coger el tren.I have a train to catch.


  • Rule: g becomes a j before a or o.

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