Attested since the 18th century. From en- +‎ teima (obsession, idée fixe) +‎ -ar



enteimar (first-person singular present enteimo, first-person singular preterite enteimei, past participle enteimado)

  1. (intransitive, or transitive with en) to insist, persist
    Synonyms: insistir, porfiar, teimar
  2. (intransitive) to fixate on a idea; to become obsessed or develop an idée fixe
    • 1775, María Francisca Isla y Losada, Romance:
      An que me trataches bén
      s'á vesita non pagàs
      dou ò demo pè ala poño
      nin me alembro de vòs màis.
      Q'èu, anque ben vós quero
      coma si forades rapàz
      tamen vos esquenzerei,
      como dea en enteimar.
      Although thou treated me well
      If the visit thou don't pay
      No way I'm putting a foot there
      Or remembering thou anymore
      Because, although I love thee well
      As if you were a bachelor,
      I'll forget thee
      In case I fixate [on this idea]
    Synonyms: cismar, teimar