have a mind of one's own



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have a mind of one's own

  1. (idiomatic) To form one's personal opinions and choose one's actions without being governed by the views or choices of others; to be independently minded; to think for oneself.
    • 1866, Bayard Taylor, chapter 4, in The Story of Kennett:
      "Don't be anxious, daddy!" said he, with assumed playfulness; "she's not a girl to take the first that offers. She has a mind of her own."
    • 1874, Horatio Alger, chapter 25, in Brave and Bold:
      Captain Evans had a mind of his own, and did not choose to adopt any man's judgment or prejudices blindly.
    • 1921, Louis Joseph Vance, chapter 22, in Alias The Lone Wolf:
      That little man has a mind of his own, and even if I do figure on his payroll as confidential secretary, he doesn't tell me everything he knows.
    • 2003, Alison Maxwell, "How to marry your own millionaire," USA Today, 10 Feb. (retrieved 3 Nov 2010):
      Be a little audacious — disagree on at least one thing so they know you have a mind of your own.

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