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hyper- +‎ link


hyperlink (plural hyperlinks)

  1. Some text or a graphic in an electronic document that can be activated to display another document or trigger an action.
    Click the hyperlink to go to the next page.
  2. An address, URL, or program that defines a hyperlink's function.
    Copy the hyperlink and paste it into an email.



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hyperlink (third-person singular simple present hyperlinks, present participle hyperlinking, simple past and past participle hyperlinked)

  1. (of a hypertext document) To point to another document by a hyperlink.
    • 2001, Barbara Notarius and Gail Sforza Brewer, Open Your Own Bead & Breakfast, 4th ed, John Wiley and Sons, p 165:
      Their Web page hyperlinks to your Web site.
  2. To add a hyperlink to a document.
    • 2004, Gregory M. Lamb, “Blogs: Here to Stay - With Changes” in Christian Science Monitor, April 15, 2004.
      One valuable thing a blogger often does is hyperlink to magazine and newspaper stories or other interesting blogs, she says.
  3. To use a hyperlink to jump to a document.
    • 1999, John Graubert and Jill Coleman, “Consumer Protection and Antitrust Enforcement at the Speed of Light: The FTC Meets the Internet” in Canada–United States Law Journal, v 25, p 275:
      Indeed, what consumers will see on a Web site is likely to vary depending on the point or Web page at which they access the Web site, how many pages they “hyperlink” through when reviewing the site, and how much of the page containing the disclosure is displayed by consumers' Web browsers without requiring additional scrolling.




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hyperlink n (definite singular hyperlinket, indefinite plural hyperlinks or hyperlink, definite plural hyperlinkene)

  1. (computing, Internet) a hyperlink

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