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influo (accusative singular influon, plural influoj, accusative plural influojn)

  1. influence



influo (plural influi)

  1. influence



From in- +‎ fluō (flow).



īnfluō (present infinitive īnfluere, perfect active īnflūxī, supine īnflūxum); third conjugation, limited passive

  1. (of fluids) I flow or run into.
  2. (in general) I stream, rush or press into.
  3. (figuratively) I throng or stream in; enter in large numbers.
  4. (figuratively) I steal or insinuate myself into, invade.


Passive forms for this verb exist for the third-person singular and plural post-classically.

   Conjugation of īnfluō (third conjugation, only third-person forms in passive)
indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present īnfluō īnfluis īnfluit īnfluimus īnfluitis īnfluunt
imperfect īnfluēbam īnfluēbās īnfluēbat īnfluēbāmus īnfluēbātis īnfluēbant
future īnfluam īnfluēs īnfluet īnfluēmus īnfluētis īnfluent
perfect īnflūxī īnflūxistī īnflūxit īnflūximus īnflūxistis īnflūxērunt, īnflūxēre
pluperfect īnflūxeram īnflūxerās īnflūxerat īnflūxerāmus īnflūxerātis īnflūxerant
future perfect īnflūxerō īnflūxeris īnflūxerit īnflūxerimus īnflūxeritis īnflūxerint
passive present īnfluitur īnfluuntur
imperfect īnfluēbātur īnfluēbantur
future īnfluētur īnfluentur
perfect īnflūxus est īnflūxī sunt
pluperfect īnflūxus erat īnflūxī erant
future perfect īnflūxus erit īnflūxī erunt
subjunctive singular plural
first second third first second third
active present īnfluam īnfluās īnfluat īnfluāmus īnfluātis īnfluant
imperfect īnfluerem īnfluerēs īnflueret īnfluerēmus īnfluerētis īnfluerent
perfect īnflūxerim īnflūxerīs īnflūxerit īnflūxerīmus īnflūxerītis īnflūxerint
pluperfect īnflūxissem īnflūxissēs īnflūxisset īnflūxissēmus īnflūxissētis īnflūxissent
passive present īnfluātur īnfluantur
imperfect īnfluerētur īnfluerentur
perfect īnflūxus sit īnflūxī sint
pluperfect īnflūxus esset, īnflūxus foret īnflūxī essent, īnflūxī forent
imperative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present īnflue īnfluite
future īnfluitō īnfluitō īnfluitōte īnfluuntō
non-finite forms active passive
present perfect future present perfect future
infinitives īnfluere īnflūxisse īnflūxūrum esse īnfluī īnflūxum esse īnflūxum īrī
participles īnfluēns īnflūxūrus īnflūxus īnfluendus
verbal nouns gerund supine
genitive dative accusative ablative accusative ablative
īnfluendī īnfluendō īnfluendum īnfluendō īnflūxum īnflūxū

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  • Catalan: influir
  • French: influer
  • Italian: influire


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    • his words find an easy hearing, are listened to with pleasure: oratio in aures influit




  1. first-person singular present indicative of influir