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From Old Irish nach, from Proto-Celtic *nekʷos (someone, something).



  1. not

Usage notesEdit

Nagh by chooinee lhieu?
Did they not remember?
Nagh vel eh braew!
Isn't he bonny!
Nagh vel enney ayd urree?
Don't you know her?
Nagh vel fys ayd eer er shen?
Don't you even know that?
Nagh vel oo er dty hickyraghey foast?
Aren't you convinced yet?



  1. that ... not

Usage notesEdit

Bare lhiam nagh beagh eh myr shen.
I wish it were not so.
Cha nel blein erbee goll shaghey nagh screeuys eh hooin.
Never a year passes that he doesn't write to us.
Cha vel fer erbee cha bouyr as eshyn nagh jean clashtyn.
There is none so deaf as he that will not hear.
Cre ta jannoo er nagh vel eh çheet?
What is wrong with him that he does not come?
Hug mee ersyn dy hoiggal nagh lhisagh eh goll.
I made it clear to him that he shouldn't go.