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nominal +‎ -ize



nominalize (third-person singular simple present nominalizes, present participle nominalizing, simple past and past participle nominalized) (American spelling, Oxford British English)

  1. (linguistics) To use as or change into a noun, usually by affixing a morpheme.
    • 1960, Modern Language Association of America, Dwight le Merton Bollinger, Modern Spanish: A Project of The Modern Language Association, Harcourt, Brace, page 226
      To nominalize an adjective that refers to a known noun, the articles el, la, los, and las are used (Unit 11 §59); to nominalize an adjective that does not refer to a known noun, the neuter article lo is used.
    • 1983, Peter Achinstein, The Nature of Explanation, Oxford University Press US, page 199:
      But, Dretske asks, what happens when we nominalize a propositional allomorph?
  2. (philosophy) To make nominalistic.

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