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From pa- +‎ vēlēt (to want, to wish). The original meaning was “to permit, to allow; to wish,” but this word was apparently influenced by the similar-sounding German befehlen (to order, to command), and changed its meaning accordingly.[1]


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pavēlēt tr., 3rd conj., pres. pavēlu, pavēli, pavēl, past pavēlēju

  1. to order, to command (to indicate, to tell what to do)
    pavēlēt kādam ierastiesto order someone to come
    “dzer!” viņš pavēlēja, un puika attaisīja pudeli un dzēra“drink!” he ordered, and the boy opened the bottle and drank
  2. (military) to order, to command (to give, to issue a formal order)
    rotas komandieris pavēlēja tālāk neuzbruktthe company commander ordered not to attack any further


Derived termsEdit


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