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propose +‎ -al

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proposal (plural proposals)

  1. Something which is proposed, or offered for consideration or acceptance.
    1. A scheme or design.
      proposals for the construction of a new building
    2. The terms or conditions proposed.
      to make proposals for a treaty of peace
      • 1880, Mark Twain, chapter VIII, in A Tramp Abroad:
        "That's about the size of it," I said. "Now, if it is a fair question, what was your side proposing to shed?" / I had him, there. He saw he had made a blunder, so he hastened to explain it away. He said he had spoken jestingly. Then he added that he and his principal would enjoy axes, and indeed prefer them, but such weapons were barred by the French code, and so I must change my proposal.
    3. The document on which such a thing is written.
    4. The act of asking someone to be one's spouse; an offer of marriage.
      • October 25 2013, Guardian Express Kim Kardashian Says a Prenup Is the Only Way to Marry
        Kanye may have been love stricken when Kim accepted his proposal to marry him but Kim has always supported the idea of a prenup.
      • 1922, P. G. Wodehouse, chapter 4, in Three Men and a Maid:
        You could open his collected works almost anywhere and shut your eyes and dab down your finger on some red-hot passage. A proposal of marriage is a thing which it is rather difficult to bring neatly into the ordinary run of conversation. It wants leading up to.
      • 1854, Charles Dickens, “Chapter XV”, in Hard Times. For These Times, London: Bradbury & Evans, [], →OCLC:
        ‘Louisa, my dear, you are the subject of a proposal of marriage that has been made to me.’ Again he waited, and again she answered not one word. This so far surprised him, as to induce him gently to repeat, ‘a proposal of marriage, my dear.’ To which she returned, without any visible emotion whatever:
    5. (law) The offer by a party of what they have in view as to an intended business transaction, which, with acceptance, constitutes a contract.

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Borrowed from English proposal.

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proposal (first-person possessive proposalku, second-person possessive proposalmu, third-person possessive proposalnya)

  1. Something which is proposed, or offered for consideration or acceptance.
  2. The document on which such a thing is written.

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