Probably related to se ‎(oneself). See English self, seldom.



sōlus m ‎(feminine sōla, neuter sōlum); first/second declension

  1. alone, sole, only, by oneself with no others around
  2. solitary, uninhabited


First/second declension, with genitive singular in -īus and dative singular in .

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative sōlus sōla sōlum sōlī sōlae sōla
genitive sōlīus sōlōrum sōlārum sōlōrum
dative sōlī sōlīs
accusative sōlum sōlam sōlum sōlōs sōlās sōla
ablative sōlō sōlā sōlō sōlīs
vocative sōle sōla sōlum sōlī sōlae sōla

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    • (ambiguous) sunrise; sunset: ortus, occasus solis
    • (ambiguous) an eclipse of the sun: solis defectio
    • (ambiguous) to be dried up by the sun's heat: ardore solis torreri
    • (ambiguous) the east winds are blowing: venti ab ortu solis flant
    • (ambiguous) to be situate to the north-west: spectare inter occasum solis et septentriones
    • (ambiguous) Solon, one of the seven sages: Solo, unus de septem (illis)
    • (ambiguous) Solo ordained by law that..: Solo lege sanxit, ut or ne
    • (ambiguous) to leave one's country (only used of exiles): solum vertere, mutare (Caecin. 34. 100)
    • (ambiguous) Solon made it a capital offence to..: Solo capite sanxit, si quis... (Att. 10. 1)
    • (ambiguous) to raze a town to the ground: oppidum solo aequare
    • (ambiguous) this is as clear as daylight: hoc est luce (sole ipso) clarius
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Old IrishEdit


so- +‎ lés (compare dolus)



  1. bright
  2. (of sound) clear
  3. (intellectually) clear, lucid


solus m

  1. light
  2. clarity, intelligibility

Derived termsEdit


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