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  1. present participle and gerund of stop

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stopping (plural stoppings)

  1. The act of something that stops; a halt.
    constant startings and stoppings
  2. (dentistry, dated) Material for filling a cavity in a tooth.
    Synonym: filling
    an amalgam stopping
    • 1925, Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway, Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., page 23:
      curious antiquaries, sifting the ruins of time, when London is a grass-grown path and all those hurrying along the pavement this Wednesday morning are but bones with a few wedding rings mixed up in their dust and the gold stoppings of innumerable decayed teeth
    • 1958, Henno Martin, translated by Edward Fitzgerald, The Sheltering Desert, New York: Thomas Nelson, page 125:
      Then one day a big stopping came out of one of my back teeth.
  3. (mining) A partition or door to direct or prevent a current of air.
  4. A pad or poultice of dung or other material applied to a horse's hoof to keep it moist.
    • 1831-1850, William Youatt, On the Structure and the Diseases of the Horse
      The drawing poultices and stoppings of farriers are often highly injurious, instead of abating inflammation .

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