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un- +‎ godly


ungodly (comparative more ungodly or ungodlier, superlative most ungodly or ungodliest)

  1. Lacking reverence for God; impious.
  2. Sinful, immoral, or wicked.
    People often turn to ungodly ideas as an emotional response to trauma.
    • 1604, Jeremy Corderoy, A Short Dialogve, wherein is Proved, that No Man can be Saved without Good VVorkes, 2nd edition, Oxford: Printed by Ioseph Barnes, and are to be sold in Paules Church-yard at the signe of the Crowne, by Simon Waterson, OCLC 55185654, page 40:
      [N]ow ſuch a liue vngodly, vvithout a care of doing the wil of the Lord (though they profeſſe him in their mouths, yea though they beleeue and acknowledge all the Articles of the Creed, yea haue knowledge of the Scripturs) yet if they liue vngodly, they deny God, and therefore ſhal be denied, []
  3. (informal) Unreasonable; extreme.
    We had to start our journey at an ungodly hour.