From the same stem as viens ‎(one), made into a 2nd-declension -ot verb.


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vienot tr., 2nd conj., pres. vienoju, vieno, vieno, past vienoju

  1. to link, to connect
    vienot kopā vadu galus — to connect the ends of wires
  2. to unite, to unify, to link, to bring together (to cause there to be good, mutual relations, communication, between people)
    viņus vieno draudzība, kopīgs mērķis — friendship, a common goal unites them
    mēs atbalstām ideju par Latvijas Dziesmu svētku ieskaņu koncertu rīkošanu Daugavpilī un citās Latgalēs pilsētās kā tautas vienojošu pasākumu — we support the idea of holding the Latvian Song Festival concert in Daugavpils and in other Latgale cities as an event that unites, unifies the people


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