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Taken from its pronunciation before a consonant in Western Armenian.



իւ (iw)

  1. A letter formerly used in Armenian dialectology, nowadays usually written as ո̈ւ (ü). Represents the near-high front rounded vowel: [ʏ]. Transliterated as ü.

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Old ArmenianEdit


Instrumental case of the root ի- (i-).


ի՞ւ (i?w)

  1. (interrogative) in what? with what? in what way, or manner?
    ի՞ւ գիտացիցi?w gitacʿicʿhow shall I know it?
    ի՞ւ իւիքi?w iwikʿin what way?
    ի՞ւ իւիք իցեմք ընդհատ ի նոցանէi?w iwikʿ icʿemkʿ əndhat i nocʿanēin what do we differ from them?