Arabic edit

Etymology edit

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

إِلّ or إِل (ʔill or ʔilm or f (uncountable)

  1. god, deity, God, El (in the singular, proper noun)
  2. a vow
  3. kinship
  4. hatred, enmity
  5. a noble origin

Declension edit

South Levantine Arabic edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

From Arabic لِـ (li-).

Preposition edit

إلـ (ʔil-)

  1. to; for (detached version of the indirect object suffix ـلـ (-l-), used for emphasis)
    كتب إلي، مش إلك.
    katab ʔili, miš ʔilak.
    He wrote to me, not to you.
  2. belonging to (mine, yours etc.)
    هالكتاب إلك.
    hāl-kitāb ʔilak
    This book is yours.
    هو صاحب إله.
    huwwe ṣāḥeb ʔilo
    He's a friend of his.
  3. (by extension) to have
    Synonyms: عند (ʕind), مع (maʕ)
    إلي أخ وأخت.
    ʔili ʔaḵḵ w-ʔuẖt
    I have a brother and sister.
    (literally, “Mine are a brother and a sister.”)

Inflection edit

    Inflected forms of إل
Base form إلـ (ʔil-)
including forms
singular plural
m f
1st person إلي (ʔili) إلنا (ʔilna)
2nd person إلك (ʔilak) إلك (ʔilek) إلكم (ʔilkom)
3rd person إله (ʔilo) إلها (ʔilha) إلهم (ʔilhom)