Classical SyriacEdit


  • (Classical Edessan) IPA(key): /ˈʃə.tɑ/, [ˈʃ(ə.)tɑ]
  • (Eastern Syriac) IPA(key): [ˈʃtɑ]
  • (Western Syriac) IPA(key): [ˈʃto]

As per normal Syriac phonological rules, the voiceless alveolar stop (/t/) spirantizes into a fricative, the voiceless dental (/θ/). However, it dissimilates back into a stop due to being adjacent to the voiceless postalveolar fricative (/ʃ/).

Etymology 1Edit

Compare Hebrew שָָׁתָה(šāṯâ).


ܫܬܐ (šətā) (peal construction)

  1. to drink
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Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Semitic *šidṯ-.

Alternative formsEdit


ܫܬܐ (šətām

  1. six (6)
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