See also: จด and จี๊ด

Thai edit

Pronunciation edit

t͡ɕ ạ ɗ
Royal Institutechat
(standard) IPA(key)/t͡ɕat̚˨˩/(R)

Etymology 1 edit

Cognate with Lao ຈັດ (chat).

Verb edit

จัด (jàt) (abstract noun การจัด)

  1. to consider; to deem; to count.
  2. to set; to arrange; to order; to organise; to systematise.
  3. to arrange (for); to make arrangements (for).
  4. to manage; to handle.
Derived terms edit

Etymology 2 edit

From Old Khmer ចាស; cognate with Lao ຈັດ (chat).

Adjective edit

จัด (jàt)

  1. complete; absolute; full; utter; total.
  2. strong; intense.
  3. (of a colour, hue, etc) dark; darkish; strong.
  4. heavy; serious; harsh; severe.
  5. immoderate; extreme; excessive.

Adverb edit

จัด (jàt)

  1. completely; absolutely; fully; utterly; totally.
  2. strongly; intensely.
  3. heavily; seriously; harshly; severely.
  4. immoderately; extremely; excessively.

Derived terms edit