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See also: かと



かど (-na inflection, rōmaji kado)

  1. 過度: excessive


かど (rōmaji kado)

  1. 下土: this world, the world of the living; a remote location; poor-quality soil
  2. 下奴: a servant, a maid; oneself (humble)
  3. 家奴: a male servant; a tenant farmer; a peasant; the peasantry
  4. 火度: the temperature of a kiln for firing various kinds of ceramics
  5. : an outer corner (e.g., of a desk; compare (sumi, inner corner))
  6. : talent, quick-wittedness; one's characteristics or peculiarities
  7. : a gate
  8. : grounds (for suspicion), a charge (for a crime)
  9. : a herring