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Adjectival nounEdit

こうか (-na inflection, rōmaji kōka)

  1. 高価: expensive


こうか (rōmaji kōka)

  1. 効果: effect
  2. 硬化: hardening
  3. 硬貨: coin
  4. 高価: expensiveness
  5. 降下: falling
  6. 校歌: school song, school anthem
  7. 工科: the study of engineering, a course in engineering


こうかする (rōmaji kōka suru)

  1. 硬化: harden
  2. 降下: fall
  3. 降嫁: for an imperial princess to marry a subject
  4. 膠化: gelatinize
  5. 高歌: sing loudly
  6. 鉱化: mineralize