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Pronunciation 1Edit


まく (transitive, godan conjugation, rōmaji maku)

  1. 巻く, 捲く: to roll something
  2. 枕く, 婚く, 纏く: to make something into a pillow; to sleep together, to have sex; to get married
  3. 任く, 罷く: (obsolete) to appoint someone to an official position; to banish someone
  4. 負く: (obsolete) to lose something (such as a game, competition, or battle)
  5. 設く: (obsolete) to prepare something, to set something up

Pronunciation 2Edit


まく (transitive, godan conjugation, rōmaji maku)

  1. 播く, 蒔く: to sow seeds (also figurative); to scatter something; to pay out (especially to multiple people); to turn someone out (so that they do not return)
  2. 蒔く: (arts) to scatter powdered gold or silver for 蒔絵 (makie)
  3. 撒く: to scatter something around; to shake off

Pronunciation 3Edit


まく (rōmaji maku)

  1. : screen, curtain
  2. : film, membrane


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