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intelligence quotient taxes; duties
trad. (智商稅) 智商
simp. (智商税) 智商
Literally: “IQ tax”.




  1. (neologism, humorous or sarcastic, figuratively, Internet slang) any fraudulent or overpriced product or service that only uneducated, underinformed or mentally challenged people would believe and make purchase of; a voluntary expense that is almost always done by persons of low intellectual capability
    居然什麼氫氣不是智商稅什麼?」 [MSC, trad.]
    居然什么氢气不是智商税什么?” [MSC, simp.]
    “nǐ jūrán mǎi le shénme qīngqì shuǐ? Nà bùshì zhìshāngshuì shì shénme?” [Pinyin]
    "You actually bought those 'hydrogen-infused water'? If that's not a scam what else could be?"

Derived termsEdit