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๐Œฟ U+1033F, 𐌿
โ† ๐Œพ
Gothic ๐€ โ†’

Gothic edit

Etymology edit

Uncertain. Possibly from Runic แšข, though Snรฆdal (2015; see references) considers this unlikely, interpreting it as being derived from an allograph of Ancient Greek ฮŸ (O, โ€œomikronโ€); compare also the numerical values.

Letter edit

๐Œฟ โ€ข (u)

  1. The sixteenth letter of the Gothic alphabet, representing /u/, with a numerical value of 70.

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References edit

  • Snรฆdal, Magnus, 'Gothic Contact with Latin: Gotica Parisina and Wulfila's Alphabet', in: Askedal, J.O. and H.F. Nielsen ed., Early Germanic Languages in Contact (Amsterdam 2015) pp. 91-108, especially 101-102.