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Borrowed from Russian Москва (Moskva), originally referring to the Moskva River.

Further etymology is unknown and disputed (see the Russian Wikipedia article for more information).


Proper nounEdit


  1. The capital city of Russia.
  2. (by extension) The government of Russia or the Soviet Union.
    • 1987, Shelomoh Naḳdimon, First strike: the exclusive story of how Israel foiled Iraq's attempt to get the bomb[1], page 40:
      Moscow said "Nyet!"
    • 1997, Mervin Block, Writing Broadcast News: Shorter, Sharper, Stronger[2], →ISBN, page 154:
      Yet, a few US newscasters will go on the air at 6 pm or later and say, "Moscow said tonight.["] ... A careful writer would make his script read, "Moscow said today. ..."
    • 2009, Svante E. Cornell, S. Frederick Star, The Guns of August 2008: Russia's War in Georgia[3], →ISBN, page 184:
      In addition, Moscow argued that Georgia had violated international law by introducing its forces into South Ossetia, a move Moscow said Tbilisi had committed itself not to do under the earlier CIS-sponsored peacekeeping arrangements.
  3. A city in and the county seat of Latah County, Idaho, USA
  4. A town name in Iowa, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, etc. in the USA

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