Unsupported titles/Square brackets

Left square bracket.svg
[ U+005B, [
Basic Latin \
Right square bracket.svg
] U+005D, ]
Basic Latin ^


Punctuation markEdit

[ ]

  1. Encloses a number of changes in quoted text.
    1. Paraphrase inserted to clarify context.
      [Luke,] I am your father.
    2. Comments about alterations.
      The message said: "Contact them ASAP, their e-mail is [omitted], that's the chance of your life!"
    3. Orthographical alterations.
      He said, "[d]on't do it!"
    4. (papyrology, epigraphy) Restored writing that was present in the original text but has since become damaged or broken away.
      Synonym: ‹ ›
    5. (textual criticism, palaeography) Denotes a text deemed interpolated.
    6. See […] for omissions in quoted text.
  2. (linguistics) Encloses a phonetic transcription.
  3. (computing, programming) Encloses optional parameters in syntax help.
    DROP TABLE tbl_name [, tbl_name] ...

Coordinate termsEdit

  • / / (encloses a phonemic representation)
  • ⟨ ⟩ (encloses an orthographic representation)

Derived termsEdit

  • […] (used when omitting a section in quoted text)


[ ]

  1. (mathematics) Encloses a mathematical phrase which has increased operator precedence.
  2. (mathematics) Encloses a polynomial ring.
  3. (mathematics) Encloses a matrix or vector.
  4. (mathematics) Singles out a digit or portion of an equation, for commentary.
    • 1962, Jack Frohlichstein, Mathematical Fun, Games and Puzzles (in English), Courier Corporation, →ISBN, page 47:
  5. (mathematics) denote the least common multiple of two integers.
  6. (mathematics) Alternative form of ⌊ ⌋
  7. (programming) In a number of programming languages, encloses each value of an array.
    t[1] = "one"
    t[2] = "two"
  8. (regular expressions) Matches a single character that is contained within the brackets, including ranges.
    [abc] matches "a", "b", or "c"

Related termsEdit

  • (mathematical precedence) ( ), { }

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