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From Old Galician and Old Portuguese palpar, borrowed from Latin palpāre (to touch softly).[1] Cognate with Portuguese apalpar, Spanish palpar. Doublet of poupar, which was inherited.



apalpar (first-person singular present apalpo, first-person singular preterite apalpei, past participle apalpado)

  1. (intransitive) to touch, to feel (transitive: to sense by touch)
    • c1300, R. Martínez López (ed.), General Estoria. Versión gallega del siglo XIV. Oviedo: Publicacións de Archivum, page 280:
      Madre, sabes tu que Esau, meu yrmão he veloso et eu nõ, mays som lem, et se meu padre me apalpar et souber que sóóm eu, medo ey que coyde queo quis [excarnesçer], et em lugar de bendiçõ ey medo que me maldiga.
      Mother, you know that Esau, my brother, is hairy, but not me, I'm hairless; and if my father would touch me and find that it's me, I fear that he would think that I was mocking him, and instead of his blessing I would have his curse
    • 1390, José Luís Pensado Tomé (ed.), Os Miragres de Santiago. Versión gallega del Códice latino del siglo XII atribuido al papa Calisto I. Madrid: C.S.I.C., page 226:
      Et os angeos que yam na nuve en cõpana dos apostolos çegarõ todos aqueles judeus, et hũus cayam en terra, et d'eles dauã cõ suas cabeças por las paredes, et os outros andauã aapalpando quando as pedras, quando as paredes, por hu yam hir.
      And the angels who were in the cloud in company of the apostles blinded those Jews, and some of them fell to the ground, and of those some hit their heads against the walls, and the rest were feeling now the stones, now the walls, for knowing where to go
    Synonym: poupar
  2. to grope (to search by feeling)
    Synonym: poupar


Derived termsEdit


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From Old Portuguese, borrowed from Latin palpo, palpare. Doublet of palpar and poupar.


apalpar (first-person singular present indicative apalpo, past participle apalpado)

  1. (intransitive) feel (transitive: to sense by touch)
  2. grope (to search by feeling)