pelear (first-person singular present peleio, first-person singular preterite peleei, past participle peleado)

  1. (South Brazil) Alternative form of pelejar




From pelo (hair) +‎ -ear, in the sense of close physical combat, as in the expression agarrarse de las greñas (to fight, literally to grab each others' matted locks). Compare the semantic development of Romanian părui (to fight by pulling hair) from Romanian păr (hair).


  • IPA(key): /peleˈaɾ/ [pe.leˈaɾ]
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -aɾ
  • Syllabification: pe‧le‧ar


pelear (first-person singular present peleo, first-person singular preterite peleé, past participle peleado)

  1. (intransitive) to fight (to contend in physical conflict)
    Synonyms: luchar, lidiar, bregar
  2. (intransitive) to fight, to argue
    Synonym: discutir
  3. (intransitive) to fight for, to struggle against
    Synonyms: batallar, combatir, luchar, bregar
    • 2022 December 21, Beatriz Serrano, “Los 85 años de Jane Fonda: de estrella de Hollywood a superestrella del activismo”, in El País[1]:
      Sin embargo, se rebeló contra su destino cuando encontró motivos para pelear por un mundo mejor[.]
      (please add an English translation of this quote)
  4. (reflexive) to mutually fight
    Synonyms: luchar, reñir, (Mexico) madrearse
  5. (reflexive, by extension) to discord or dispute; to become enemies
    Synonym: enemistarse
  6. (reflexive, by extension) to lose or stop, temporally or definitively, a friendship, partnership, etc.
    Synonym: enojarse


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