From peng- +‎ terima.


penerima (first-person possessive penerimaku, second-person possessive penerimamu, third-person possessive penerimanya)

  1. recipient
    1. One who receives.
    2. (medicine) An individual receiving donor organs or tissues.
      Antonym: pendonor
    3. (chemistry) The portion of an alembic or other still in which the distilled liquid is collected.
  2. acceptor
    1. One who accepts.
    2. (chemistry) An atom or molecule which can accept an electron to form a chemical bond.
    3. (biochemistry) A transfer RNA molecule that can accept a specific amino acid
    4. (physics) A chemical acceptor atom forming a positive hole in a semiconductor
    5. (computing theory) A kind of finite-state machine whose binary output indicates whether or not a received input was accepted.
  3. receiver
    1. (chemistry) A vessel for receiving and holding the products of distillation, or for containing gases.
    2. Any of several electronic devices that receive electromagnetic waves, or signals transmitted as such.
      Antonyms: pengirim, transmiter
  4. consignee: the person to whom a shipment is to be delivered.
    Synonym: penerima barang
    Antonyms: pengirim, pengirim barang