From Latin possidēre, present active infinitive of possideō, from potis (able) + sedeō (sit).



possuir (first-person singular present indicative possuo, past participle possuído)

  1. to possess; to have; to own
    Possuo dois automóveis.
    (I) have two automobiles.
  2. to have as a quality or characteristic
    Esta frase possui cinco palavras.
    This phrase has five words.
  3. to control; to hold (exercise influence over)
    O cristianismo possuia a Europa durante a Idade Média.
    Christianity controlled Europe during the Middle Ages.
  4. (spiritualism) to possess (to take control of someone’s body or mind in a supernatural manner)
    Graças ao exorcismo, João livrou-se do demônio que o havia possuído.
    Thanks to the exorcism, John got rid of the demon who had possessed him.
  5. to overwhelm (to overpower emotionally)
    O medo nos possuiu.
    Fear overwhelmed us.
  6. (proscribed) to have (to be related to)
    Eu possuo dois filhos.
    I have two children




  • (to have as a quality or characteristic):, carecer de
  • (to possess in a supernatural manner):, exorcisar

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