From string +‎ -er ‎(agent).



stringer ‎(plural stringers)

  1. Someone who threads something; one who makes or provides strings, especially for bows.
    • Ascham
      Be content to put your trust in honest stringers.
  2. Someone who leads someone along.
  3. A horizontal timber that supports upright posts, or supports the hull of a vessel.
  4. A freelance correspondent not on the regular newspaper staff, especially one retained on a part-time basis to report on events in a particular place.
  5. (sports) A person who plays on a particular string.
  6. (surfing) Wooden strip running lengthwise down the centre of a surfboard, for strength.
    Line up the 1/2 template with the stringer (or draw a center line) — Stephen Pirsch [1]
  7. (baseball, slang, 1800s) A hard-hit ball.
  8. (fishing) A cord or chain, sometimes with additional loops, that is threaded through the mouth and gills of caught fish.
    Janice pulled the bluegill out of the water and added it to her stringer.
  9. A pallet or skid used when shipping less than truckload (LTL) freight. A platform typically constructed of timber or plastic designed such that freight may be stacked on top, able to be lifted by a forklift.
  10. (obsolete) A libertine; a wencher.
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