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Walnuts for sale.
The kernel of a walnut with the shell in the background.

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From Middle English walnote, walnutte, walnotte, from Old English wealhhnutu (walnut, literally foreign nut), from Proto-Germanic *walhaz (foreigner) + *hnuts (nut). Cognate with Dutch walnoot, German Walnuss, Swedish valnöt, Icelandic valhneta. Compare more recent term Welsh onion, which also uses Welsh to mean “foreign”.

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walnut (countable and uncountable, plural walnuts)

  1. A hardwood tree of the genus Juglans.
  2. A nut of the walnut tree.
  3. Wood of the walnut tree.
  4. Dark brown colour, the colour of walnut wood.

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walnut (not comparable)

  1. Having a dark brown colour, the colour of walnut wood.

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