Middle English edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

From Old English wiþsecgan (withsay), adapted to reflect the change of the verb secgan (say) to Middle English seien;[1] equivalent to with- +‎ seien.

Verb edit


  1. to speak against, that is:
    1. to protest, to deny; to refute, to speak out against, to oppose in speech
    2. to disparage; to denounce
    3. to contemn, to display contempt for
    4. to renounce, to repudiate, to give up
    5. to refuse; to forbid, to refuse permission to
    6. to decline, to refuse to do or accept
    7. to reply
    8. (law) to appeal, to contest the validity of a legal decision
    9. (law) to challenge, to contest the validity of a claim or argument
    10. (law) to disavow, to contest the validity of an oath

Descendants edit

  • English: withsay

References edit

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