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From Ancient Greek λέγω (légō, say).


  • IPA(key): /ˈleo/
  • Hyphenation: λέ‧ω


λέω (léo) (simple past είπα, passive λέγομαι)

  1. (most senses) say, tell
    Tο παιδί είπε την πρώτη του λέξη.To paidí eípe tin próti tou léxi.The child said his first word.
    Ο διευθυντής μου είπε ότι πρέπει να τελειώνουμε.O diefthyntís mou eípe óti prépei na teleiónoume.The director told me that we should finish.
  2. (transitive) discuss, converse
    Τα λένε μεταξύ τους.Ta léne metaxý tous.They are discussing.
    Καιρό έχουμε να τα πούμε.Kairó échoume na ta poúme.It's been a while since we talked.
  3. recite, tell, recount, sing (a poem, song, etc)
    Το παιδάκι είπε ένα τραγούδι.To paidáki eípe éna tragoúdi.The child sang a song.
    Να τα πούμε;Na ta poúme?Shall we sing them? (phrase used by Greek children carolling door to door around the New Year)
  4. (often in imperative) suppose, imagine (a hypothetical scenario)
    Λέμε τώρα, αν γινόταν πόλεμος.Léme tóra, an ginótan pólemos.We're supposing now, if there were a war.
    Πες πώς κάτι γινόταν. Τι θα έκανες;Pes pós káti ginótan. Ti tha ékanes?Let's say something happened. What would you do?
  5. (intransitive, often with για) refer to, talk about
    Λες για τον φίλο σου τώρα;Les gia ton fílo sou tóra?Are you talking about your friend now?
  6. (transitive) mean, say (to clarify etc)
    Θέλω να πω ότι δεν είναι τόσο απλά τα πράγματα.Thélo na po óti den eínai tóso aplá ta prágmata.I mean that things aren't that simple.
    Τι θα πει, «ξέχασα τις ασκήσεις μου»;Ti tha pei, «xéchasa tis askíseis mou»?What do you mean, "I forgot my homework"?
  7. (intransitive, figuratively) remind of, mean something to
    Αυτό το όνομα δε μου λέει τίποτα.Aftó to ónoma de mou léei típota.That name means nothing to me.
  8. (intransitive, figuratively) be any good, be worth anything
    Λέει τίποτα αυτό το κομπιούτερ;Léei típota aftó to kompioúter?Is this computer any good?
  9. (intransitive) suggest, advise
    Λέω να πάμε μια βόλτα.Léo na páme mia vólta.I say that we should go for a walk.
  10. (transitive) call (name someone or something)
    Με λένε Γιώργο.Me léne Giórgo.I am called Giorgos.
    Τον είπα βλάκα.Ton eípa vláka.I called him a fool.
  11. used with δεν, indicates something is slow to come:
    Αυτή η μέρα δεν λέει να τελειώσει.Aftí i méra den léei na teleiósei.This day doesn't want to end.
  12. (intransitive, often with να) think (something will happen)
    Λες να μας προδώσει;Les na mas prodósei?Do you think he'll betray us?
  13. (transitive, colloquial) read, explain (fortell using cards etc.)



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