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Thai edit

Etymology edit

Compare Lao ສູ້ (). This etymology is incomplete. You can help Wiktionary by elaborating on the origins of this term.

Pronunciation edit

s ū ˆ
Royal Institutesu
(standard) IPA(key)/suː˥˩/(R)

Verb edit

สู้ (sûu) (abstract noun การสู้)

  1. to endure, to bear; to withstand, to resist.
    sûu sǎai-dtaa
    to bear the sights [of ...]
    sûu dɛ̀ɛt
    to be proof [against] sunlight
  2. to struggle, as with physical force, weapon, intelligence, etc: to fight, to battle, to combat, to contend, etc.
  3. to overcome; to beat; to be superior (to).
  4. (auxiliary) used to indicate that doing something is more favourable.
    sûu nîng dii gwàa
    [It is] better to be silent.
    sûu rao bpai ...
    [It is better for] us to go ... / We'd [better] go ...
  5. (law) to defend (a legal case) as a defendant or the like.

Adverb edit

สู้ (sûu)

  1. against; in opposition to.
    lǎng sûu fáa nâa sûu din
    [with one's] back against the sky [and one's] face against the ground
    • 2018 November 30, ไปเซเว่นเอาอะไรไหม๊, “เด้งสู้มือจริง ๆ เลย”, in[2],, retrieved 2022-01-15:
      dêng sûu mʉʉ
      [It] bounces against [my] hand.
  2. (often in negation) quite; rather.
    mâi sûu dii
    not quite good / not quite well

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Lao: ສູ້ ()
  • Khmer: ស៊ូ (suu)