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[noun] something without breaks or openings, something dense
[noun] a secret, (especially) something done secretly
[noun] (Buddhism) the teachings of esoteric Buddhism
[adjective] dense, without breaks or openings
[adjective] meticulous, carefully done, scrupulous
[adjective] (of relations among people) close, familiar, intimate
[noun] honey
[noun] nectar
[noun] molasses, treacle, syrup
[noun] Short for 蜜砂糖 (mitsuzatō): brown sugar
[affix] honey, nectar
[affix] sweet
[affix] Used in Sanskrit transliterations
[verb] to be full, mature
[verb] (impersonal) for the moon to wax
[verb] (impersonal, of the tide) to rise
[verb] (archaic) to be full, mature
[verb] (archaic, of the moon) to wax
[verb] (archaic, of the tide) to rise
[verb] (archaic) to fill
[verb] (archaic) to satisfy (a request, wish, etc.)
[verb] (archaic) to finish something at a predetermined time
Alternative spelling
(This term, みつ, is an alternative spelling of the above terms.
For a list of all kanji read as みつ, not just those used in Japanese terms, see Category:Japanese kanji read as みつ.)