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letter; true; to believe; sign; evidence
to use; according to; so as to; in order to; by; with; because; Israel (abbrev.)
because of; for; to; act as; be; to be; to do; to serve as; to become
real; true; genuine
trad. (信以為真)
simp. (信以为真)




  1. to take (something) to be true
    情況只有信以為真 [MSC, trad.]
    情况只有信以为真 [MSC, simp.]
    Zài nà zhǒng qíngkuàng xià, wǒ duì tā de huà yě zhǐyǒu xìnyǐwèizhēn le. [Pinyin]
    In such a situation, I had no option but to believe what he said.