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leek dish (type of food); vegetables
trad. (韭菜/韮菜) /
simp. (韭菜)
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The neologism sense comes from the fact that garlic chives are able to regrow after their part above the ground is cut off.




  1. garlic chives; Chinese chives (Allium tuberosum)
  2. (Mainland China, neologism, figuratively, Internet slang) someone who can be repeatedly deceived and exploited, especially by the government or the stock market; dupe; shitizen
    韭菜  ―  jiǔcài  ―  to reap the people


Dialectal synonyms of 韭菜 (“garlic chives”) [map]
Variety Location Words
Classical Chinese
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) 韭菜
Mandarin Beijing 韭菜
Taiwan 韭菜
Harbin 韭菜
Shenyang 韭菜
Jinan 韭菜
Muping 韭菜
Luoyang 韭菜
Wanrong 韭菜
Xi'an 韭菜
Xining 韭菜
Xuzhou 韭菜
Yinchuan 韭菜
Lanzhou 韭菜
Ürümqi 韭菜
Wuhan 韭菜
Huanggang 韭菜
Chengdu 韭菜
Guiyang 韭菜
Guilin 韭菜
Liuzhou 韭菜, 扁菜
Kunming 韭菜
Yangzhou 韭菜
Nanjing 韭菜
Hefei 韭菜
Nantong 韭菜
Malaysia 韭菜
Singapore 韭菜
Sokuluk (Gansu Dungan) 韭菜
Cantonese Guangzhou 韭菜
Hong Kong 韭菜
Hong Kong (San Tin Weitou) 韭菜
Hong Kong (Ting Kok) 韭菜
Hong Kong (Tung Ping Chau) 韭菜
Taishan 韭菜
Dongguan 韭菜
Nanning 扁菜
Wuzhou 快菜
Yulin 韭菜
Hepu 韭菜
Kuala Lumpur 韭菜
Ho Chi Minh City 韭菜
Gan Nanchang 韭菜, 快菜 dated
Lichuan 韭菜
Pingxiang 韭菜
Hakka Meixian 韭菜, 快菜
Zengcheng (Zhengguo) 韭菜
Zhongshan (Wuguishan) 韭菜
Wuhua (Shuizhai) 韭菜, 快菜
Wuhua (Huacheng) 快菜
Wuhua (Changbu) 韭菜
Wuhua (Mianyang) 韭菜
Luchuan (Daqiao) 韭菜
Yudu 韭菜, 快菜 sailors
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 快菜
Liudui (S. Sixian) 快菜
Hsinchu (Hailu) 韭菜
Dongshi (Dabu) 韭菜
Hsinchu (Raoping) 韭菜
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 韭菜
Hong Kong 韭菜
Sabah (Longchuan) 韭菜
Senai 韭菜
Singkawang 快菜
Huizhou Jixi 韭菜
Jin Taiyuan 韭菜
Xinzhou 韭菜
Hohhot 韭菜
Min Bei Jian'ou 韭仔
Wuyishan 韭仔
Min Dong Fuzhou 韭菜
Fuqing 韭菜
Matsu 韭菜
Min Nan Xiamen 韭菜
Quanzhou 韭菜
Zhangzhou 韭菜
Taipei 韭菜
Kaohsiung 韭菜
Sanxia 韭菜
Yilan 韭菜
Kinmen 韭菜
Magong 韭菜
Penang 韭菜
Singapore 韭菜
Philippines (Manila) 韭菜
Zhangping (Yongfu) 韭菜
Datian 韭菜仔
Pingnan 韭菜
Johor Bahru 韭菜
Haikou 韭菜
Puxian Min Putian 韭菜
Pinghua Nanning 扁菜, 韭菜
Guilin 韭菜
Wu Shanghai 韭菜
Suzhou 韭菜
Hangzhou 韭菜
Wenzhou 韭菜
Chongming 韭菜
Danyang 韭菜
Jinhua 韭菜
Ningbo 韭菜
Xiang Changsha 韭菜
Shuangfeng 韭菜
Loudi 韭菜
Quanzhou 韭菜

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