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I've lived in Korea since the beginning of my life, and have no plans to go abroad. I particularly speak the southeast dialect (경상도 말) and prefer it to the standard Korean.

As you might see, I do not have much experience in editing Wiktionary articles. What's worse, I often edit it with my phone. A LOT OF mistakes are expected, aren't they? So, please generously forgive me if you find any of my mistakes, and fix it at your mercy.

I think my English reading skill is quite fine, but when it comes to my writing skill, I sigh. Therefore, if you find any of my depiction odd or even unintelligible, please please revise it. Especially the use of preposition and article, the lack of necessary arguments, capitalizing, spelling, etc. Oh, and connotation and nuance. Well, it's like everything...help me improve. Thank you.

To-do listEdit

Complex indirect quotationEdit


Not frequently usedEdit

  • ㄹ락 락 던들/런들 ㄴ바 는뎁쇼 느니만큼/느니만치
  • 더라나 더랍디다/까
  • 려니와(=겠거니와)