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reservation (countable and uncountable, plural reservations)

  1. The act of reserving, withholding or keeping back.
    The committee authorised the reservation of funds.
    1. The practice of reserving part of the consecrated bread of the Eucharist for the communion of the sick.
    2. The act of the pope to reserve to himself the right to nominate to certain benefices.
  2. Something that is withheld or kept back.
  3. (often in the plural) A limiting qualification; a doubt.
    I have reservations about your intentions.
  4. (US) A tract of land set apart by the US government for the use of a Native American people; Indian reservation (compare Canadian reserve).
  5. An arrangement by which accommodation or transport arrangements are secured in advance.
    I have a hotel reservation in the name of Mr Smith.
  6. (Britain) The area which separates opposing lanes of traffic on a divided motorway or dual carriageway; see also central reservation.
    A vehicle crashed through the central reservation into the path of oncoming traffic.
  7. (India) The setting aside of a certain percentage of vacancies in government institutions for members of backward and underrepresented communities (defined primarily by caste and tribe).


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reservation f (plural reservations)

  1. reservation (limiting qualification)


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