From sūkstīt (to suck repeatedly), the iterative form of sūkt (to suck) (q.v.), via metathesis of k and ū and epenthesis of p, perhaps dissimilated from a previous k (sūkstīt > *skūstīt > *skūkstīt > skūpstīt). A verb skūstīties (to flirt with a woman) is attested in 19th-century texts. Note, however, that alongside sūkstīties, skūstīties there is also a dialectal variant sūpstīties; the standard form skūpstīt might therefore result from the merging or contamination of both stems sūkstīt and sūpstīt. In some dialects, the original meaning “to suck repeatedly” can still be found (skūpstīt sukura graudu “to suck a sugar cube”). (Lithuanian dialectal skupstýti (to kiss) is probably a borrowing from Latvian.)[1]


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skūpstīt tr., 3rd conj., pres. skūpstu, skūpsti, skūpsta, past skūpstīju

  1. to kiss (to touch with one's lips, in order to show love, friendship, or respect, devotion)
    skūpstīt bērnu‎ ― to kiss a child
    skūpstīt mātei roku‎ ― to kiss mother's hand
    skūpstīt (kādu) uz pieres, uz vaigiem, uz lūpām‎ ― to kiss (someone) on the forehead, on the cheeks, on the lips
    Es tevi skūpstīt drīkstu vien uz vaiga‎ ― I may kiss you only on the cheek
    zvērēt padevību, skūpstot kunga roku, kājas, piedurkni‎ ― to swear devotion (by) kissing the lord's hand, feet, sleeve



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