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Old English sciftan (To divide, distribute, allot, place, order, arrange).


skift (plural skifts)

  1. share, portion, lot
    There be many knyghtes that hath envy to us; Therefore whan we shall mete at the day of justis there woll be harde skyffte for us. — Malory
  1. fate
  2. effort, attempt, try
    Make ye as good skyffte as ye can, ye shall bere this lady with you on horsebak unto the Pope of Rome. — Malory


skift(third-person singular simple present skifteth, present participle skiftende, simple past and past participle skifted)

  1. To divide, share, distribute, divide up; also, be divided;
  2. To disperse, scatter ~ in sonder,
  3. To give a fair share ~ even,
    even skifted, evenly matched in number, in equal strength
  4. To arrange, ordain, cause to occur, rule, manage
    Grete godd wolde so wisely skifte all thynges.The Prose Life of Alexander
  5. To protect, save
  6. To evade, be rid of.
    be skifted of, She was aferde of hym..and she cowde not be skyfte … of hym by no meane. — Malory




skift n

  1. shift


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West FrisianEdit


skift n (plural skiften)

  1. order (taxonomy)
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