See also: tōutōu and tou-tou

French edit

Etymology edit

Appeared in the 17th century with the sense of "favorite," then evolved into "a docile person."

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

toutou m (plural toutous)

  1. (informal, childish) doggie, bow-wow (dog)
  2. (Quebec) soft toy, stuffed animal
  3. (figuratively, derogatory) poodle (person servile towards someone whom he or she considers his or her superior)
    Synonym: caniche

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Tokelauan edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Polynesian *te-o-u-tou.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [to.u.ˈto.u]
  • Hyphenation: to‧u‧to‧u

Determiner edit


  1. (inalienable, definite) your

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References edit

  • R. Simona, editor (1986), Tokelau Dictionary[1], Auckland: Office of Tokelau Affairs, page 389