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Sanskrit तीर्थ (tīrtha).


तीर्थ (tīrthm

  1. (Hinduism, Jainism) place of pilgrimage, tirtha; a pilgrimage.


Declension of तीर्थ
singular plural
direct तीर्थ (tīrth) तीर्थ (tīrth)
oblique तीर्थ (tīrth) तीर्थों (tīrthõ)
vocative तीर्थ (tīrth) तीर्थो (tīrtho)

Derived termsEdit


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तीर्थ (tīrthan

  1. (Hinduism) a passage, way, road, ford, stairs for landing or for descent into a river, bathing-place, place of pilgrimage on the banks of sacred streams, piece of water.
  2. the path to the altar between the चात्वाल and उत्कर.
  3. channel.
  4. the usual or right way or manner.
  5. the right place or moment.
  6. advice, instruction, counsel, adviser, preceptor.
  7. certain lines or parts of the hand sacred to the deities.
  8. object of veneration, sacred object.
  9. worthy person.
  10. person worthy of receiving anything.
  11. name of certain counsellors of a king.
  12. one of the ten orders of ascetics founded by शंकराचार्य (its members add the word तीर्थ to their names)
  13. brahman.
  14. vulva.
  15. a woman's courses.
  16. fire.


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