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きゅういん (rōmaji kyūin)

  1. 吸引: suction; absorption; attraction, drawing in; (medicine) aspiration
  2. 吸飲: drinking by sipping or slurping
  3. 汲引: drawing up water; a recommendation or nomination of someone for a position
  4. 窮陰: the end of winter: the twelfth lunar month
  5. 旧姻: a long-standing relative by marriage or adoption
  6. 旧院: one's former residence; an old temple; a retired or abdicated emperor
  7. 蚯蚓: (rare) on'yomi alternate reading for 蚯蚓 (mimizu, an earthworm)


きゅういんする (rōmaji kyūin suru)

  1. 吸引: to suck in; to absorb; to attract, to draw in; (medicine) to aspirate
  2. 吸飲: to drink by sipping or slurping
  3. 汲引: to draw up water; to recommend or nominate someone for a position