A conjugation of くださる (kudasaru), the humble form of くれる (kureru).


ください (kudasai)

  1. 下さい: please give me
    葉書 (はがき)5枚 (ごまい)ください
    Hagaki o gomai kudasai.
    Please give me five postcards.
  2. (polite, imperative) 下さい: please do something for me; expressing a request
    現地 (げんち) ()いたら電話 (でんわ)して (くだ)さい
    Genchi ni tsuitara denwashite kudasai.
    Please call me when you get there.
     () ()をしないでください
    Muri o shinaide kudasai.
    Please don't push yourself too hard.

Usage notesEdit

  • The imperative sense is either attached to the て-form (te-form) of a verb, or a noun prefixed with お (o-) or ご (go-).
    ちょっとお ()ください
    Chotto o-machi kudasai.
    Please wait a little. (Here 待ち is the continuative form of 待つ.)
    これをご (らん)ください
    Kore o go-ran kudasai.
    Please have a look at this.